About me

I'm Maarten Derickx. I'm currently a postdoc at the university of Bayreuth, and received my Ph.D. at the universities of Leiden, Bordeaux and Milano as an joint Algant doctorate .

E-mail: maarten@mderickx.nl



I help with the developement of Sage and maintain the sage server at Leiden university.

Teaching (as assistant)

Algebra 2 (fall 2012)
Algebraic Geometry (spring 2012)
LAPP-Top, a special course for talented high school students (spring 2012)


Date Subject Where Notes/Slides
05-06-2014 The rational group structure of modular Jacobians. LMFDB Workshop, Warwick Slides (pdf)
30-10-2013 Finding all points of degree < gonality on Y1(N). Harvard Number Theory Seminar Slides (pdf)
18-09-2013 Computing modular units and gonalities of modular curves. Elliptic Curve Cryptography Workshop 2013 Slides (pdf)
23-07-2013 Computing modular Galois representations - the modulo p approach (after Jinxiang Zeng) Sage Days 51: Algorithms in Arithmetic Geometry, Lorentz Centre Leiden Slides (pdf)
01-03-2013 Gonalities of modular curves. Intercity Seminar "Gonalteiten dag", Utrecht Slides (pdf)
28-09-2012 Torsion points on Elliptic curves. Intercity Number Theory Seminar, Leiden Slides (pdf)
25-09-2012 Gonalities of modular curves. Masters defense. Universiteit Leiden Slides (pdf)
The representability of Γ1(N),
an explicit construction of Y1(N).
Algebraic Geometry Seminar (Leiden) Notes (pdf)


Title Own copy Published at
Torsion points on elliptic cruves and gonalities of modular curves, Masters Thesis (Sep 2012) PDF
Univertiteit Leiden Theses
Infinitesimally Rigid Construction of the Algebraic Numbers, Bachelor Thesis (June 2010) PDF Univertiteit Leiden Theses